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updated April 15, 2014

This site was founded on February 23, 2007, with the help of CELOS.

Welcome to Perth Dupont Community Garden Website


We are moving a new website - Perth Dupont Community Garden Website


Started just as a garden with individual plots in 2005 by the City Councillor Adam Giambrone, it has been transformed into a thriving Community Garden, and is now a center for Urban Agriculture. With ethnic and lifestyle diversity, our garden is a place to grow food, flowers, friendships, and personal social and leadership skills.


Fruit Tree Pruning Workshop

A member of the Perth Dupont Community Garden will be giving a workshop on pruning fruit trees.

On May 16th 2015, at 5 pm. Here at the Perth Dupont Community Garden - 431 Perth Avenue

Cookies and tea will be provided.

Click the link for more information: Join us for a Fruit Tree Pruning Workshop

About Permaculture ...

This is a way of gardening that has been revived - from ancient times and is also a reflection of the way that plants naturally want to grow.

"Don't conscript your carrots into the army by forcing them to grow in long rows" ... be a little hippie like, and let them mingle with the onions!


The new Theme for 2015 will be:

Passing Down Gardening Techniques

Our community Garden is made up of many different people from different countries and cultures - with their own gardening techniques. So, this year, I hope we can document our different gardening techniques, styles and personal way of gardening that the gardeners have been handed down and have created themselves.
As well, there is new leadership. A good garden group that is community minded will thrive no matter who the coordinator is.


The families and single people in the garden all have their own plot, however, they also share in the care of the common area gardens, such as the Front Flower bed, the Edible Landscape Garden, the Raspberry patch, and The Pollinator Garden. We have, a Sharing Garden. In the past - the three to four hundred pounds of food grown in it each year was donated to the Stop Community Food Centre, located just north of our garden, at 1884 davenport Road.

Since 2010 the Perth Public School has had a 10' x 20' plot in our garden. Staring now in 2013, we are happy to announce that they have moved to the Sharing Garden which is 13' 25' which will accommodate the many children that come to learn in this community garden setting.

Also, since 2010, we have a communal plot that is 13' x 20'. This garden is for the folks on the waiting list, so they can have a taste of the community garden and grow a few things as well.



As you look through the website you will notice that each year has been documented, and has a theme. The theme for 2014 is - Passing Down Gardening Techniques.


We have a section for gardening tips and research that we have done regarding the plants that we are growing. You can also look In The Garden Shed for resources related to gardening, you will even find some recipes. We also have information about other Community Gardens in the City of Toronto and the GTA.



The Perth Dupont Community Garden is located just outside the downtown core of Toronto, in the west end. We are one block west of Symington Ave, just north of Dupont St. The only entrance to the garden is on Perth Ave.


For tours, volunteering and to sign up for the waiting list to join the community garden, please click here:


Above left: Egyptian Onions July 2014.


To learn more about Toronto Community Gardens, please also visit the:



Were you looking for the Community Garden in Australia?

'Welcome to Canada...I hope the information below will help you out'

Australian City Farms and Community Gardens

You can also download this free directory of Community gardens in West Australia.


  • For Down town Toronto:


Who is at risk?

People with heart and lung conditions are most affected by air pollution.

To find out if you are at risk, consult the health guide, your physician, or your local health authority..

2013 Urban Agriculture at it's best

Since the early years of this province, growing food locally has been a tradition. Some of the original "Victory Gardens" are still in use.

2012 Organic Style Gardening

What does growing things organically mean? Does it just mean - not using chemical fertilizers, or chemical bug killer?

2011 Improving Accessibility

While growing and sharing your own local, fresh food is a major reason for joining a community garden, there are many other benefits.

2010 Building Projects And Teamwork

We have received the grant to start our building project, come and see our progress as we develop our teamwork to get it done

2009 Leadership Skills

Now that the community garden has had a few years to mature, it is time to develop a strong community group.

2008 Projects

Much work needs to be done this year including the repair of the Tennis Court. Come and see the progress.

2007 Multicultural Garden

Working in a garden is in our hearts around the world. Taste the international flavor of our garden that we experienced this year.

2006 The Creation Of The Garden

The beginning of a community garden is often a struggle, but very rewarding. Please join us at the beginning of the journey.

Plants We Grow

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